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Our ambition: To restore the letters of nobility to Luxembourg wines

Formerly dominated by mass production intended to be resold at low prices in Luxembourg and Belgian bistros, Luxembourg wines have long suffered from a sulphurous reputation for mediocrity. Resulting from collective productions involving many winegrowers from the Moselle and marked by the absence of real know-how, the poor quality of Luxembourg wines has long remained anchored in the minds of consumers who even today are unaware that a a real transition to quality has been made for several decades.

At the origins of this transition, we find the independent producers of Luxembourg wines who, since their regrouping within the Professional Organization of Independent Winegrowers (OPVI or Privatwënzer in Luxembourgish) 60 years ago, have the will to control all of their own wine productions, from the cultivation of the vine to its vinification and bottling. For them, one key word: quality. We do not mix the wheat with the chaff. And for us, a single mission: to restore their letters of nobility to these deserving wines.

Our approach: focus on quality and facilitate the short circuit

Quality is a desire that we have, an approach that we take and a job that we are keen to undertake. To understand how Wä can claim to offer high quality wines to consumers, we must first understand what the commitments of an independent winegrower are.

An independent winegrower cultivates his vines, raises and markets his wine himself. He fully and personally assumes the quality of the production in his domain, realizes it with care and know-how, with respect for his immediate environment and with the aim of satisfying his customers. He chooses to use his own working methods, without distorting his heritage which he preserves and defends. Finally, he knows his job perfectly, from the management of his cellar and his vineyard to the reception and sale of his wines, directly to his customers. In a way, it is the work of a “small” local craftsman.

Unlike cooperative cellars where the unequal productions of many winegrowers intermingle, who will be vinified by a cellar master outside the agricultural work of the vine; unlike the wine merchants which sell wines sold by the hectolitre and come from all over the world, Wä is a continuation of this work as a “small” local craftsman. We know each of the winegrowers we represent personally, but also their teams and sometimes their families. It is through this proximity and by teaming up together that we believe we can regain consumer confidence and change the image of Luxembourg Moselle wines in the long term.

Henri Ruppert, winemaker owner of the domain with the same name

Our proposal: to provide you with the best service

On Wä, you:

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